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  • "Say NO to bullying" in SOFIA

    Publié le 06/01,2014

    What is school bullying? Is it preventable? Where should victims seek help?


    Find these answers in the short movie ‘Say NO to Bullying!’, made by the English advanced group of 4e class from the French Lycée Victor Hugo. 

    The idea behind the project was sparked by the international week against school-bullying in April, 2014. The movie features a wide range of students, as well as teachers from the French Lycée and comprises personal stories and interviews, focusing on the problem of bullying and possible solutions to it. The aim of the movie is to raise awareness about the scope of school bullying and its detrimental effects and to prevent it from happening.


    The interviews were shot, cut and edited by the students in record time. They spent sleepless nights in deciphering and mastering the editing software and selecting the best shots. Their strive for perfection and commitment to tackling this serious problem is admirable and the final result - impressive.


    Watch! Think! Talk! Help!


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